Pass the Coin Bomb!

Coin Bomb is similar to the game Hot Potato! (but you can make money from it...) Read more...

Current instant win jackpot:
0.000003 BTC

Nuclear Bomb

0.00715 BTC

(Get +0.00250249 BTC Profit)

35% Profit

(1.5x Multiplier)

Time Left


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TNT Bomb

0.005 BTC

(Get +0.00125 BTC Profit)

25% Profit

(1.4x Multiplier)

Time Left


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C4 Bomb

0.003 BTC

(Get +0.00045 BTC Profit)

15% Profit

(1.3x Multiplier)

Time Left


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Powder Bomb

0.0015 BTC

(Get +0.00015 BTC Profit)

10% Profit

(1.25x Multiplier)

Time Left


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grab a bomb?

  1. Enter your receive address and click to buy your bomb.
  2. Make your payment to the address we send you. (Add transaction fees if necessary)
  3. The bomb is now yours after the payment is verified. Try to get people to buy it from you! (Sending the site to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, forums etc is a good start)
  4. If your bomb is grabbed by someone else you take the profit
  5. If the timer expires and the bomb detonates while you hold it you lose.

How does the instant win work?

Each time a bomb is grabbed there is a small chance to get an instant win, if you are lucky enough then you can win up to the purchase price of your bomb immediately.

When a bomb is purchased a small portion of the profit will go towards the instant win jackpot.

I paid but my bomb didn't get grabbed, why?

Ensure that you have sent the correct amount of funds INCLUDING transaction fees if required. BTC Usually has no fee requirement, but may do in special cases, see here for more details. (Check your client for mandatory fees!)

You can send multiple payments from any wallet within the alloted time, so if you make a mistake and send too little then send the rest before the purchase timer expires and you will grab the bomb.

Please note that if you do not send a fee with your transactions some of them may not be confirmed within the correct amount of time. We allowed for up to one hour for a transaction to be confirmed twice.

What kind of bombs are there?

Some bombs have special properties, if so they will be listed on the bomb itself. For example some bombs may be one round only and will not respawn immediately after exploding.

  • GROUP Bomb: You can purchase a SHARE of a bomb, at whatever price you wish (minimum payment applies) - shareholders pool their funds to grab a bomb. If the bomb does not get 100% funded, you get your money refunded. When it sells, each shareholder gets the interest on top of their contribution as per usual bombs.
  • MIRV Bomb: When exploding the MIRV bomb will break into multiple bombs with a portion of the original bombs stats. For example a MIRV bomb at 5 BTC may explode into 5 smaller bombs all valued at 1BTC each. The owner of the original bomb will own the smaller bombs.
    (This gives you 4x more chances to lock in your profit!)

    If ungrabbed with 2 hours to go, a subMIRV will begin descending on it's target, and the price starts to drop....! Once the bomb is grabbed, the price is locked, and will continue to rise by the multiplier as normal.

What is a group bomb?

If a bomb is too expensive for a single player to grab, it converts to a group bomb. Please make sure the bomb is a group bomb if you are sending a partial payment! The button will show "Grab Bomb Share" if it is a group bomb.

This means any player can purchase a share, for whatever price they want (minimums do apply) - if enough players pool together to hit the purchase price, the bomb is theirs! When it sells, they will receive the same interest on their investment, the same as a normal bomb.

Huh?! ELI5 please!

Imagine the nuclear bomb is currently priced at 1.5BTC.

Player A pays 0.5BTC, Player B pays 0.7 BTC and player C pays 0.4 BTC. The bomb is fully funded!

The previous owners are paid their interest. Players A,B,C are now shareholders in the Nuclear Bomb.

Player C will get a refund of 0.1 BTC - his payment took the total invested to 1.6 BTC - the remaining 0.3 BTC is used as his share

When enough shareholders pay in to purchase the bomb, players A,B and C will get payouts based on their investment

What if the bomb doesnt get funded?

If a bomb ends unfunded (for example, shareholders have paid 1 BTC out of 1.5 BTC) their investment is sent back to them.

Refund Policy

All incorrect payments (late, too much, too little, not enough fees paid) will be returned minus the default network fee (0.0001 BTC / 0.1 LTC)

Any payouts, we pay any fees for you.

If there is a mistake on our behalf, such as a bug in the website then we will endevour to refund your coins to the best of our ability.

If you make a wrong payment, or it arrives late, then email us ([email protected]) and we'll sort it for you (dont use BTC-E to pay directly from - they are slow!). If you pay too much you will still grab the bomb you have selected but will only get the profit shown if you can sell it to someone else.

How does the affiliate/partner system work?

Anybody can become an affiliate/partner with CoinBomb, all you have to do is refer people to our site using a unique link that includes your payment address (Can be BTC or LTC) and we will handle the rest for you.

Affiliate earnings are currently 1% of the total bomb price each time it is purchased.

The format for an affiliate link is<YourAddressHere> for example:

Payments will be made once a week. You must have earned at least 0.0001 BTC or 0.1 LTC to be eligible for a payout.

We will convert any payments going out to BTC or LTC depending on your payment address at the current market rate (BTC-E) at the time of payout.

I have another question, how can I contact you?

If you have any other questions or wish to contact us you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]